Wrong questions in codevita

It’s my opinion only:
1.In question “FILL THE CUBE” i think there was some error in private test cases,so if any of u experienced the same then comment below.
2.I heard from my friends also that there are some more questions that has some error.so what’s your opinion guys.

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Codevita sucks , but we have to deal with it .

In count palindrome minute range [0 , 59] but if we use this then answer is wrong , and if we use minute range [0,97] then it will AC.


I found 2 question on GFG and Leetcode, still not an AC, despite the constraints being same.
Just modified a little bit for the answer.

Yeah I can’t believe I wasted 4 hours on that question. (Honestly I can’t believe I wasted 6 hours on this contest) Even the input and output formats were wrong in the example cases.

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Do you think that they would rejudge the submissions with the corrected cases…?

Question in my set is full of ambiguity.
I have a question string pair in this we need to find the vowel in the textual representation of numbers in array and then we need to find out pair sum equal to the total number of vowels in textual representation of elements in an array .

They give sample test cases of ‘zero’ and ‘one’ but what if total pairs are 21
then how we print it ‘twentyone’ or ‘twenty one’ or twenty-one’


Did you really got a AC by using minute range as [0,97] ?

one user got AC and the given 2 TC also satisfies if we use min from 0 to 97.

Will TCS will do anything about it?

they should do something about this,but chances are low.

They will do nothing. I mailed them. But they didn’t reply and possibly will not reply.