Wrong shuffling of problems in short contest

Every time in short contest hard problem is placed on top due to which lot of time get wasted to figure out the suitable question this should be change
Problem should be presented in increasing order of difficulties like in codeforces and Atcoder.


I always start with easiest one. Idk how :stuck_out_tongue:
Just open all questions in different tabs and you can check which one is easiest just by looking at them.


I think this just encourages the contestants to read all the statements. And if u think top problems are always tough, start with the bottom ones.

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I open div1 problems common to div2 and start coding them.


Yeah…that works 90% of time😂

Does that even matter? Codechef classifies all div2 problems even those common in div1as easy.

LOL , nice trick xD

yeah, you are damn right, putting 10 days on problems (still not solving )and then seeing its tag as easy,savage admins!

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Lol people consider this as a trick ? I thought it’s obvious thing to do this. :joy: