Wrong Solution Accepted (September 2018 Cook Off Div 2)

I was surfing through the correct solutions for the problem ONETWO [OETW] after the end of the contest when I found a solution which was incorrect but still accepted as a right answer. The solution did not even pass the sample input output case. To cross check I submitted the same solution through the practice section and it did get accepted.

Please look into this issue.
Here is a link to the accepted solution for the contest.


Yes, many weak test cases were there. I spotted too after the contest. e.g: 2 2 2 1 1 2 2 many solutions give 9 or 12 as an answer but the correct answer is 10.


I too spotted a lot of wrong answers accepted after the contest. Even the solutions with just sum of all elements printed out (after checking if all are not 2) got accepted.


yeah i think the test cases where (count of 1)>1 were absent.

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Yes, I also saw the solution of 4 people out of which only 1 was correct even though all of them were giving AC!!!
Please rejudge all the solutions.

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Is there a chance of re-judgement?

Please Rejudge all the solutions of ONETWO

Really unfair, and not classy on the part of Codechef. Even acknowledging their error would prove that they will try to make it better the next time.

With the fairness problems in DOTIT, this platform is really not able to provide a fair environment. I would probably be more lenient if they recognized it and tried to improve rather than ignoring the issues and never responding.


The problem of weak test cases has been with many questions lately it seems.

This times cook-off was really a nightmare. Please @admin, ICPC is closer now.


And I spent a huge chunk of time determining where I was wrong.

No. This does not happen on codechef once a contest is over. Especially when weak test cases is an issue. If required rejudging is completed before the contest is over.