Wrong test case in NOPALINDROME problem

My issue

what should be the answer for the test case n=4, k=2
According to me the digits will be 1100 so the sum/finalanswer will be 2
but according to the accepted code it is 3 i.e the digits they are choosing are 1002
I want to know weather i am correct or not

Accepted code

using namespace std;
int main(){
int t;cin>>t;
long long n,k;cin>>n>>k;
  long long l =(3*k+3)/2;
long long ans = 3*(n/l);
  if(n%(l) > 0) ans+=1;
 if(n%l > k+1) ans += 2;
// cout<<n-k<<"\n";

return 0;

Problem Link: NOPALINDROME Problem - CodeChef