Wrong test cases/Constraints in Friend and girlfriend

Please see my submission here.
This shows SIGABRT error for subtask #1(also for subtask #2) whereas all assert statement follow given constraints(for subtask #1) correctly.
I wonder if the tester/setter really take their job seriously!!!

I want my 100 points. It was error of your setter and my approach was

SIGABRT errors are caused by your program aborting due to a fatal error. In C++, this is normally due to an assert statement in C++ not returning true, but some STL elements can generate this if they try to store too much memory.

Is subtask 1st worth 100 points ?? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

look st ur soln

u r using using same var name for counting n and taking string input

thus ended using same var for int and string op

dont u think thats the reason for triggering asserts

I think problem with test cases is true as i took this code which was AC and added line 6-8 in this submission which is WA.

Your argument is based on the score distribution but neglecting the value of time. do you think if a person who got subtask #1 cleared on 10/04 (if the test cases were correct; yes I saw all his submission right now :stuck_out_tongue: ) he won’t have figured out long long in place of int in 5 days :thinking: . Though , i am also not in favour of awarding him 100 points but a sincere apology and partial marks for subtask #1.

Then again this is codechef. we always have some issue with test cases :stuck_out_tongue:

If you just want an apology. Then CC team is very good at doing this job.
As far as rejudging is concerned they simply deny it once the contest gets over.

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The point is that the constraints were wrong no matter what

I agree that it might not have had huge impact if they were correct but it shows that setter failed to do his job correctly (even the tester)

this could have happened with other probs too as codechef never discloses test cases

Subtask 1 is indeed wrong.

Can Anyone Tell me what is wrong in my code or approach.
using namespace std;
int main()
int t,n,diff,curr;
char x;
long long int count1;
string s;
for(int i=0;i<s.size();i++)
return 0;

There was an issue with the test file sequence in the problem STRCH, due to which users who should have received 30/100 got only 0/100. The issue you’ve pointed out is also because of the same. It has been fixed, and all unsuccessful submissions have been rejudged, and ratings recalculated.

We understand that this could have affected some users who could have gotten 100 if they got the feedback during the contest, but now only get 30. But no changes will be made for that. The mistake is regretted.