Wrong upcoming contest countdown

The upcoming contest countdown on the start page shows the wrong time.
Currently it displays “Upcoming Contest March Cook-Off 2017 0 Days 2 Hrs 9 Min 47 Sec” for me, but the contest has already started, only 9 minutes and 47 seconds left.

What does the countdown compute? Can you fix this please. Since a countdown doesn’t depend on time zones it should always display the correct time.

Refresh the page.

Thanks for bringing this to our notice. It is indeed an issue for people in different time zones. This will be fixed soon.


Did it, now it shows March Lunchtime 2017, 5 Days 23 Hrs 40 Min. Although it is actually in 5 Days 19 Hrs 10 Min. Seems like it computes IST start time - current local time.

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It’s showing the correct time @afaxnraner. Showing 5:17:45 now.

@agrocks23 Probably because you are in India. I’m in Europe and it shows 5:20:04 right now.