Wrongly being panalised in Codechef starters 140

Dear CodeChef Team,
I hope this message finds you well. My name is Dewanand Kumar, and my CodeChef username is dewanand730. I am writing to express my concern regarding a recent change in my contest rating following my participation in CodeChef Starters 140. This change appears to be based on the assumption that I engaged in unfair practices during the contest.
I want to firmly state that I did not engage in any form of cheating or unfair means during the contest. I have always strived to uphold the highest standards of integrity and fairness in all my participation in CodeChef. This recent rating adjustment has come as a shock to me, and I believe it to be a misunderstanding or error.
I kindly request a manual review of my performance in CodeChef Starters 140. I am confident that a thorough investigation will reveal that my submissions were made legitimately and without any malpractices. I take this matter very seriously, as my reputation and rating on CodeChef are important to me.
Please consider this request urgently and restore my rating to its rightful status. I am available to provide any further information or clarification that may be required to facilitate this review.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your prompt and favorable response.
@admin @emperor100 I will be highly grateful to you if you could accept my request. The question on which I am penalised is the second question(Make Permutation) of DIV 3 in which most of the people have implemented the same approach. Please make my rating correct. I open CodeChef only on Wednesdays. That’s why I am not able to write you earlier. Even because of this intolerable act, I am not able to perform well in today’s contest. SO IT’S MY HUMBLE REQUEST FROM YOU TO PLEASE CONSIDER MY REQUEST AND BRING MY OLD RATING BACK.

Best regards,
Dewanand Kumar

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The solution for my problem was very obvious and it can’t simply be put for plagiarism the solution of other people also contains the same logic that my code contains and you can check my profile as all the solutions I perform after creating a new function all the time as it is a good practice to avoid repetitions of the same logic and you can review for that.
below are the links I can provide where all people have used the same logic for writing the code
and this last one logic is completely matching with mine so I want a manual review for it as I have never been engaged to any unfair means.
more solutions which have used the same logic are
And much more code is present which has used the same logic as mine as the logic was so clear
Link for my code:- CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone
@admin @emperor100 Please consider my request and manually review my code for plagiarism as the question comes under the easy category as well please look into it. Do check my other solutions as well and then only proceed further as it takes a lot of effort to reach here.

Adding to my previous message, I would like to provide my template which you can verify with all of my previous submissions as I always try to follow this
import java.util.;
import java.lang.
import java.io.*;

class Codechef
public static void solve(Scanner s) {
int n = s.nextInt();


public static void main (String args) throws java.lang.Exception
//your code goes here
Scanner sc = new Scanner(System.in);
int t = sc.nextInt();
while(t-- > 0) {
So it’s a humble request from you to please remove the plagiarism from my account