Wrongly being penalised for plagiarism

Hello everyone,

Before writing any further, I kindly urge you to read my full message in order to understand the situation and reason.

First I want to confess that I have violated the code of conduct of maintaining two accounts on codechef UNKNOWINGLY. The reason I am still writing this email is to keep the trust of the Chef and community in place and to pledge that I am NOT A CHEATER. Neither I have done it before nor I will do it in future.

Last Wednesday (26/06/2024) I was really excited to give the contest on CodeChef (Starters 140) but since I was not at home at 8, I’d had to start the contest late (8:30). I knew from my past contest experience that even if I solve 3 questions now, my rating will go down (due to starting late). The only way to keep my rating safe as well as participate in the contest as well was to solve 4 questions (which I had never done before). So I desperately started to solve from the 4th question onwards and since it was on an easier side in the last contest I was even able to solve it.

However, to make sure that it was correct and that my rating won’t go down I made a separate account in the middle of the contest (at that time, I was not aware that it would breach the code of conduct) to test my answer which later proved to be correct. I later did the same for 3rd and 2nd question as well. Then, I made all the same submissions in my original account, as I was confident that I could solve the 1st one without trying it in a separate account.

I hope that after reading this, you can understand that I have NOT CHEATED. I was highly enthusiastic about participating in the contest and at the same time did not want to lose my rating because of starting late. The only reason I made the spare account was because I started late and to make sure my 4th question was correct.

At the same time, I agree that this was a mistake and that I should not have done that, but I also assure you that I wouldn’t have done it again in future (even if my submissions hadn’t been caught). Also, this all would not have happened had I started the contest on time.

I understand that I did cause a lot of inconvenience to the Chef and the community and I apologise for the same. I request that if possible, please forgive me this time as I had unknowingly breached the code of conduct and moreover did not cheat. If that is also not possible then I kindly urge you to please at least reduce the penalty. I really love giving contests and have spent a lot of time practicing and attaining 2 Star. Seeing all that go in vain because of a stupid mistake which I made unknowingly would be a bit too harsh on me.

@admin @emperor100 I will be highly grateful to you if you could accept my request.