Wrongly penalized & Account flagged

Respected Team Codechef and @admin

Please help me out as i have been wrongly penalized in Starters 136 div 2.
I have already sent my response via email 3 days back, but still no response in the matter or update has been given till now.
I assure you that i haven’t copied any sort of a solution from anyone else, it is purely written by me.
Please go through my mail regarding the matter and i hope i will get a positive response from you team.

If necessary i can attach the entire mail here too.

@emperor100 please help me regarding this matter today i have got a deduction of 275 point which i feel is not justified & has been wrongly penalized…
Also Still i haven’t got any reply of my clarification email. So will be attaching that exact mail here too.

Respected Team CodeChef,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing in response to the notification I received regarding plagiarism found in my solutions for Starters 136 Division 2. I want to assure you that I have approached the contest with sincerity and integrity, just as I have done in all previous contests I’ve participated in.

Upon reviewing the links provided in your email, I noticed that they pertain to the same question, but I believe there are notable differences between my solution and the solutions of the other participants. While there may be similarities in the approach due to the nature of the problem, I am confident that I have not engaged in any form of cheating.

I understand the seriousness of plagiarism and assure you that I have not knowingly or unknowingly violated any rules of the CodeChef Code of Conduct. However, if upon further review, my solutions are found to be in violation, I am prepared to accept any appropriate punishment determined by your team.

I kindly request you to reconsider this issue and provide me with an opportunity to clarify any misunderstandings. I am eager to continue participating in future contests and upholding the standards of all code and conducts of you website like i have followed in every other contest i have participated before in your platform.

I hope that your team will pay attention to this matter. I look forward to your response.

Thanking you,


Hi there @codechef !
Well i wanted to know Is there any progress on my appeal as it is almost 5 days since i have sent the email and almost 2 days since the first post.
Although i can still wait for more days and there is no problem on that, but please atleast respond.

Hi @anon48334894

We have reviewed your case, our team believe that your submissions for problem SUMKMAX is copied from someone else. You might have received the submission pair in the email.
One such pair is CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone - CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone

Please make sure to refrain from sharing your code to anyone or copying from anywhere during the contest. No further action is required from our end.

Thanks for the reply @emperor100 , but honestly the code wasn’t copied from any other user and i believe that my rating and account should be readjusted as it was before. I never cheated in any contest participated before so why will i be doing such cheap thing to damage my account and my image too, that too for just one question.

So i ask you and the team to please reconsider the request. Or else i would suggest that you can please close and delete my account from codechef.

@anon48334894 Please refer to the Plagiarism FAQ:

Q: When can I request for manual check on grounds of false positives?
A: You can request for manual review in following cases:

  • If the code is short or natural
  • If you feel MOSS flagged your solutions as plagiarized because both of you took code from the same third party source - in which case, you have to provide the source, and prove that it was publicly accessible before the start of the contest.

IMO this submission doesn’t qualify for either clause. Even assuming it qualifies for the first clause, the flagged submissions have the exact same AST and coding style, it can’t be a coincidence.

Perhaps you weren’t the one who copied the code from someone else and instead, someone else copied your code (which happened to me before), but taking care of your code is your responsibility.

Fortunately it is your first offense so you still have a chance to redeem yourself.

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Thanks @sky_nik for all the information.
Also i still feel that i haven’t copied anyone’s code. And lets even suppose in the worst of the scenario that my code is found to be same with other person, is it justified to decrease my rating from 1925 to 1614 which is approx 310 points and if its a first offence that i didn’t meant to do.
Even if you would have cancelled my the rating that i have got in that contest that would have been somewhat ok to me although not justified then also. But the current decrease is a bit too worse than anything.

So as i my last little request and last hope if you guys can atleast readjust my rating to 1853 that i achieved in starters 133 div 2 that would atleast be a bit helpful otherwise i would just like to say thank you for cooperating with my appeal and i would end my discussion here itself as i know that you guys deal with such situation on regular basis and you don’t entertain any false claim but i think some cases a genuinely true upto some aspects.

Thanking you