Wrongly Penalized for SEPT18

Hi gourav_j,

We found few of your codes in September Challenge 2018 Division 2 to be similar with one another user’s submissions. We have disqualified all your submissions. Your rating will be dropped by 275 points as penalty. Here are the two solutions we found to be similar:



Let us know, if you think you are being wrongly penalized due to the false positive that MOSS has thrown. However, before you do that kindly go through our CodeChef Code Of Conduct and our blog post on the cheating saga below and make sure that knowingly or unknowingly, you have not violated any of those points:

CodeChef Code Of Conduct
The Cheating Cases Saga
Please do not write back or approach us if you have violated any of the rules. If you do so, your explanation won’t be considered and we might also block your account without any intimation. Additionally, ensure that you don’t repeat the mistake as your account will be deactivated if caught on second instance.

Team CodeChef

Note: If your solutions of other contests have been also removed than it is due to being caught under plagiarism for those contests as well.

I can’t understand how these two solutions were judged as plagiarised.

@admin please look into this

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Please reply to the email that you received with your objection. Cases like this are precisely why we have a manual checking phase. This looks like a clear case of false positive and you should get a reply within a few days.



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I have checked both the answer, I don’t think it is plagiarized. I hope the detection system is automatic and admins do not check for false positives unless appealed. I think you should reply the email and describe it was a false positive. I believe decision would be reverted in this case.

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