Wrongly Penalized in codechef starters 140(High Priority)

Dear CodeChef Team,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Ridam Garg, and my CodeChef username is ridam23. I am writing to express my concern regarding a recent change in my contest rating following my participation in CodeChef Starters 140. This change appears to be based on the assumption that I engaged in unfair practices during the contest.

I want to firmly state that I did not engage in any form of cheating or unfair means during the contest. I have always strived to uphold the highest standards of integrity and fairness in all my participation on CodeChef. This recent rating adjustment has come as a shock to me, and I believe it to be a misunderstanding or error.

I kindly request a manual review of my performance in CodeChef Starters 140. I am confident that a thorough investigation will reveal that my submissions were made legitimately and without any malpractices. I take this matter very seriously, as my reputation and rating on CodeChef are important to me.

Please consider this request urgently and restore my rating to its rightful status. I am available to provide any further information or clarification that may be required to facilitate this review.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your prompt and favorable response.
@admin @emperor100 I will be highly grateful to you if you could accept my request. The question on which I am peanilised is the first question of DIV 2 in which most of the people have implemented the same approach. Please make my rating correct. I open codechef only on Wednesdays. That’s why I am not able to write you earlier. Even because of this intolerable act I am not able to perform well in today’s contest. MAKE MY RATING CORRECT & MAKE TODAY’S CONTEST UNRATED FOR ME.

Best regards,
Ridam Garg

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Even I have been wrongly penalized for the same question and as I open my CodeChef profile every Wednesday only, I didn’t know that I have been penalized and the question for which I have been penalized is the same question. @admin @emperor100 Please look into it and make my account proper

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Please take this seriously & make my rating correct. The question in which you accused me of cheating is Div 2 first question which was very easy & had a common approach. This type of inappropriate behavior is intolerable. I have given multiple contests with full honesty & It breaks my heart to see this unnecessary cheating tag. REMOVE IT AND MAKE IT NORMAL.
@admin @emperor100

Even I am also feeling very bad about this false allegation as after following all the rules I have been falsely alleged and again and again I am reopening my mail and discuss the section to check if they removed it or not as it took a lot of effort for me to reach till here and previously I am giving this contest for such a long time and had never been indulged in any such kind of activity. Please @admin @emperor100 manually review my case. And make it as fast as possible as it’s increasing the suffocation for me.

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Guys, reply on the mail that was sent to you, we will take care of it in next monthly recomputation of ratings.

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Thanks for helping @emperor100. Should we not give any contests till our rating becomes correct?

What are we suppose to do now?

@admin @emperor100, I request you to respond here.

Tomorrow is another contest. Need you to update on this
@admin @emperor100

Hi @ridam23

I have checked your submission, we will remove the cheating mark from your profile before the contest.

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Thanks for helping @emperor100

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Hi @emperor100,
Please look into my case as well as I have also not copied and got plagiarism for the same question that ridam23 had got since it was an easy question. Please manually review my code as well and remove the plagiarism before the contest begins today.


@emperor100 @admin I have been requesting for one week elaborating my problem and justifying that i wasn’t involved in any unfair means. It’s my humble request from you to kindly review my case as well.

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Hello @dewanand730

I have reviewed your case, will remove cheating mark from your profile.


Thank you for helping me out @emperor100

Dear CodeChef Team,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to address the recent allegation of cheating regarding my submission for the “Number Hunt” question in the previous contest.

Firstly, I would like to clarify that I did not engage in any form of cheating. The knowledge and approach I used to solve the “Number Hunt” question were acquired during my regular practice on various coding websites. Unfortunately, I cannot recall the specific website where I encountered a similar problem, but I assure you that it was well before the contest.

I spent a significant amount of time, approximately 40-45 minutes, working on the problem during the contest. This effort is reflective of my genuine attempt to solve the problem independently. Although there may be some conceptual similarities between my code and the one it was compared against, it is essential to note that all variable names, function names, and the overall structure of the code are different. The similarities are only in the concepts, which is natural given the standard algorithms and methods used in competitive programming.

I have always strived to maintain the highest level of integrity in all my coding endeavors, and I fully respect the rules and spirit of competitive programming. I kindly request you to consider my explanation and review the situation with an understanding of the context. Penalizing me for something I have not done would be disheartening and detrimental to my learning and progress in programming.

I am more than willing to provide any further information or clarification required to support my case. Please consider my appeal and allow me to continue participating in future contests with a clean slate.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration.


Dangerous 2004

@emperor100 Even I have been wrongly penalized.I have no idea why I have been penalized please help me

I too was wrongly penalized in the Starters 137D. I used a fairly typical approach to solve the problem and my submissions were a result of my own effort and understanding. I even wrote an email to Cheating@Codechef to review my submissions but it was to no avail.