Wrongly Penalized in Starters 136 Division 4 (Rated)

I’m writing this message because in the previous contest Starters 136 Division 4 (Rated) problem c My First Geometry Problem I got flagged but I didn’t cheat still accused of plagiarism. The problem I solved myself but it’s a coincidental match. I’m confident about my code. I didn’t share my code with anyone. kindly check my code manually and remove the flag.

Hi @mdabdullahal30

We have reviewed your case, and removed the flag from your account.

hey @emperor100 I also got wrongly flagged and received mail for the same question in Starters 136 Division 2 . I mailed and explained my complete approach to the my solution [solution link] .
Today Codechef have given my solution clearance (previously it was wrongly disqualified). But still the false plagiarism notification is hovering on my profile. Check my profile , CHECK MY MAIL and Remove it and also KINDLY MAKE SURE YOUR PLAG CHECKING SET UP IMPROVES ITS PERFORMANCE AND DOES NOT RAISE FALSE PLAGS.

Thanks for your response but this flag is still visible in my profile

Hey @emperor100
Please help me out as i have been wrongly penalized in Starters 136 div 3.
I have already sent my response via email 3 days back, but still no response in the matter or update has been given till now.
I assure you that i haven’t copied any sort of a solution from anyone else, it is purely written by me.
Please go through my mail regarding the matter and help me to get my rating back.

Kindly check my code manually.