Wrongly Penalized in Starters 137

Respected Team Codechef and @admin ,

I request for your help as i believe i have been unfairly penalized in the most recent Starters 137 (div 3). I assure you that i have in no way copied anything from anyone, but still i got an email which told me that i copied.

The code in case is :

  1. My code : CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone
  2. Someone else’s code : CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone

The corresponding question for which my code was flagged : Practice Coding Problem

I hope that the Codechef team notices that i merely did what i was asked to do in the question. We were given arrays V and A (which is why i named them V and A) and we were literally given the mathematical expression of the result we were required to find, i.e, (Ai * Vj + Aj * Vi).
All i did was implement the same using the inbuilt max function. I can assure you that i have not copied or shared my code from anyone/anywhere, it is just a coincidence that some parts overlap (this is because i believe the idea was obvious)

I request that the team looks into the matter please.

@hydro_7 - please reply to the email you received from plagiarism@codechef.com - the team will review the appeal.

Hi, thanks for the response. I already replied to the email once yesterday, should i reply to the email again today as well ?