Wrongly Penalized in Starters 27

Hi @admin I received this mail recently a mail regarding plagiarism in my account.
We found a few of your codes in CodeChef Starters 27 Division 2 (Rated) to be similar to other users’ submissions. We have disqualified all your Submissions. Your rating will be dropped by 275 points as a penalty, and we might also permanently ban some of the cheaters. Here are the solutions we found to be similar:

It is of the form {link1 - link2}, {link3 - link4} which means that link1 and link2 have been found to be similar (of which, one would be a link to your solution), and link3 and link4 have been found to be similar, and so on. If you have been caught in only one pair, you’ll only see two links.

I had used the third party code from geeks for geeks, actually I had solved a similar problem from geeks for geeks here is the link for the problem : Transform One String to Another using Minimum Number of Given Operation - GeeksforGeeks
Now to save my time I copied the minOps function from gfg and used it to submit the problem, I have been wrongly penalized kindly restore my rating

Please reply to this email itself so that we can have a better look at the issue.

I have replied to the mail

@shaily_adm I have replied to the mail, there is no response neither my submissions are back can u ping the concerned person.

Hey, we get a lot of appeals and it takes time to process them. Please wait for a few days, we’ll reply back.