XOR Game : FEB cook off 2020 video editorial

Here is the editorial for
XOR Game

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so fast man.

yeah , I had to

you haven’t updated the solution link in the video description.

i will update it soon…


I am thinking of making video on the same question , maybe my viewers will like it… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I hope you don’t mind… @waqar_ahmad224

Why would i have any problem with that man , but i think you will gain more views if you make editorials for last 2 problems…


fake/multiple id ka chakkar hai babu bhaiya @anon55659401
(just kidding)


can you make video on Max. subsequence sum. :slight_smile:

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hey buddy great…nice video , btw from which college u are?

the link is updated now

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GBPEC , New Delhi

Bro, this is not cool.

I also make videos and they may not be as good as some xyz person. May be I am just an average programmer or I suck at explaining stuff. But if you find him bad, you can just ignore him. You may get away by saying these things (probably by hiding your identity), but these things leave that person re evaluate their whole hard work, life and what not.

The point is, its up to people to follow someone or not.

PS. This person (karan great) also tried to comment on my work and I had a good laugh because I got 2-3 more subscribers :crazy_face::crazy_face:


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