Xoriant Technial Interview Experience

Hello everyone!
Recently I had given Xoriant Technical Interview
Total duration - 45 Min
First Question - Tell me about yourself
Then interviewer asked
what is OOPS?
Explain features of OOPS!
Sorting Algorithm
After this he asked about projects.
then how many programming languages you know?
Why this specific language ?
What is special about this language?

You are lucky enough that you not got stuck in hard coding problem,
I think answer may be like this

  1. Self explanation with name and college and hobby with some story. (1min)
  2. Object oriented programming is programming with logical block so that we can use that block in afterwards and object and class are useful to represent real world entity in easier manner.
    3 . OOPS feeature is abstraction , encapsulation , polymorphism
  3. Sortung algo - quick, merge ,bubble , depends on question
  4. Project - depends on person
  5. Personal que. in my case C,C++,Python, Java
  6. Because every human have differnt thinking so computer can not understand logic of every person , so for sack of simplicity for machine to under stand the human mind we needs specific languager.
    8 . Language are special becasue it helps us to write in same way as per our thinking and also any language has some specific rules so every one can follow that convention so its easy to understand code of eachother and it help to work in team .

yes absolutely

What was the package? Ctc?

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4.5 LPA

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