XORSUB problem DEC14

to everyone ------->>>> i’m not posting my code…why would i post my code when i’m doing terribly hard work on it…i’m just showing you the page where it is showing 0.0M.
I’m not discussing the strategy as well…i know the rules too well to not do this!!

i’ve been trying to do XORSUB from the first day of the contest. At first i thought i’m missing some test cases, but i observed that my submissions are taking memory of 0.0M everytime. I’ve never seen my c++ program taking memory of 0.0M ever before. take a look at my submission: here.
And its not passing even a single damn test case. After a deep research on maximum xor subset problem and passing possible test cases i’m not willing to accept that it is not passing even a single test case. What is happening? Please enlighten me when it shows 0.0M? What can possibly be wrong that it is showing 0.0M memory.
This long challenge is getting very irritating!!

Something stupid like missing line breaks '\n' ?

did you test it in your computer??? When your program gives WA the amount of memory it takes is not accounted for.

When a program runs instantaneously (~0.00 secs), the operating system may not be able to capture the memory footprint. Hence, it shows 0 memory used. This is common in other online judges.

In some cases, you can even be lucky to use more memory than allowed and the OS not identify it. However, it’s pretty rare because it’s unlikely that you need a lot of memory and finish in ~0.00 secs.

Even my program showed 0.0 memory in case of SANSKAR when i had made a stupid mistake: submission history. This might happen when your code doesn’t pass most of the test cases.

i took care of that!

That’s not true. See CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone for example. Almost all WAs have a memory footprint.

Yes. except the last one.

I mean answer for all test cases is wrong

you are absolutely wrong