XORSUB using Gaussian Elimination.

I Also solved it using Gaussian Elimination,I used the solution of the XMAX problem provided on github here is the link:

and here is my solution
http://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/5536642,but unfortunately codechef have accused me of false practice.As per code of coduct it is allowed to use third party source codes/implementation until they are open source,and clearly the above source code on github has no restricted copyrights.Doesn’t people use the source codes from GeeksForGeeks etc?? Well,i dont know exactly if it is ok or not,but i am not gonna stop codechef,because i love it :slight_smile:
PS:Feel sad to have a decrease in rating after trying so hard for the contest.

You used the link to solve the problem. Many others like you would have done the same. And thus it is obvious that your and their codes are a lot similar.
“Taking help or using a third party code is not bad. Passing it off as your own is. If you are taking your code from some other source, it is expected that you give the due attribution to the source in your code. It is kind of mandatory.”

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I guess “Attribution” is the main key.Well thanks,will keep in mind for the further contests.

Exactly correct @rohanagarwal. Also, if we are using some codes from net, always try understanding the flow of things happening in the code and then code yourself. Your code will always then be similar but not same to someone else.