Yet another Youtuber

Hey CC people

So I’ve always wanted to start a YT channel and am finally starting it.

For the first video, I Fullsolved yesterday’s Codechef starter contest and recorded it.

It’s like a condensed version of a normal screencast where I summarize what happened during the contest, how I approached the problems, and how I dealt with WAs/TLEs that I got.

I’ve tried to make it entertaining while still explaining my approach to the problems.

I’m not sure how many people have already done this format for contests but here I am, yet another guy doing this. Please do watch it and give some feedback. I will be making more videos related to contests, tutorials, C++ related stuff so you can also subscribe:DD

Hope you all like it: Rank 11 in Codechef Starters 16 | Highlights - YouTube

If you like this more than traditional screencasts do tell in comments so I can decide how to do next round. Thanks again :smiley:


New Video on the contest where i reached 6 star:

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