Your Best Rank In Codechef ..!!

Just as codechef shows our highest rating on codechef ,similarly our best rank sholud also be displayed there.


This is a good idea but for now, but at the same time this should not be give as much priority as other features. I would like the random discuss glitches to be gone first, rather than see my best rank.


I think this is a gud idea , seeing our best rank will encourage us to do more well and work more hard to get a better best rank

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Yes it feels very nice to see best rank.suppose someone gets a rank under 1000 once but then he is not able to bring rank under top 1000 then he can get motivated by seeing his best rank andit also feels gud go see one’s best rank.

Yeah, seem a good idea to me…
This will even motivate user to beat his best rank.

While your intention seems good, please think more.

There are many implementation problems. Some are-

  • Not an accurate description of a person’s ability. Earlier contest participants were as low as 1000 and solving cakewalk got a rank <400.
  • 3 very different contests for long, cookoff and lunchtime. You cannot make 1 best rank. You need atleast 3.
  • As @ista2000 said, better fix some glitches right now. Changing things/Adding features instead of correcting old ones first will over complicate thigns and lead to more glitches/bugs.
  • A top percentile idea might have been effective, but its already implemented via rating graph.

As such, the idea doesnt seem very relevant to me right now. What is your PoV?


It will be very nice.

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I don’t think this is a good idea.

I think is a great idea. Hope this feature is integrated soon.

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@ista2000’s idea is great. I don’t think these things are necessary !!, i am just saying we should not like give these things too much importance.

Actually it’s pointless. Ranks and ratings suggest virtually the same thing so why bother putting both up there. To see a user’s performance the graph is the best. But the idea of introducing a new measure of someone’s performance is good. It should be the concepts he/she has a grip on. Can be taken from question tags which he/she solved most.

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@ista2000 Changing these small type of things will make this website very helpful

@vijju123 your answer is always the best , there is no doubt in it.

I pondered on your idea. The top percentile thing seemed best, but its already shown in rating graph. Or do you want it to be explicitly stated under profile, exact numbers?

Yes @vijju123 , I wanted it to be explicitly stated under one profile ,exact numbers.

There is no harm in it and it will act as motivation

Thanx @ritwikshanker

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