Your College Is At Which Position In Codechef Contests?



I think that there sholuld be a ranklist which can also show the rankings of colleges on the basis of contests.This Will also develop a coding culture in their respective colleges.


do-not think its valid enough , that will discourage others, well if you are interested in seeing your college people’s rank at a place that is there , and even if you want to see college people’s global rank or Indian rank , that facility is also there , no negative views but i donot think there is any need of it , this might discourage people from not that well known colleges.


I think this is a good idea. There will be incentive for people to work hard and get their college name higher up. Basically the competitive spirit will increase. I fail to see how this will demotivate anyone. The mean rating of the college or something can be used as the parameter.


Check this one,


Nice idea. i think there should also be a way to see each country’s rank.


yes it will make a coding culture in colleges


I think everyone like this idea including me :slight_smile:


There is already a website to see all this.



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I think this will be a nice idea only if it is implemented in such a way that I doesn’t discourage not so good coders from starting in to world of coding just because their activity may damage their college’s ranking . The competition should be healthy and encouraging . I personally feel delighted on seeing people from my college doing good in contests . So it all boils down on how this thing will be implemented .


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yes this is nice idea and also the students motivates by seeing their ranks in college.


great idea @spp____


great idea @spp____


how will you check if someone(i understand the sample of them will be small and wont matter when there are a lot of entries for a college) creates a multiple throwaway and purposely gets low score just to sabotage competing college’s rating ?


nice idea @spp____


nice idea


This will definitely help for people within the college to work together and share their skill with each other


Why @admin not reply on such good type of suggestions?


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