YouTube channel for Data Structures and Algorithms

Hey everyone, hope you are doing good. In this post, I am going to introduce you to my new YouTube channel which will be covering Data Structure and Algorithms.

The thing that I struggled with during my initial days was to find video resources. When I was preparing for interviews, I found that every platform had approaches written with code. The platform that provided with video solutions were taking an amount to do so. Since many of us are more comfortable in getting the concepts via videos. I have decided to cover up the entire interview preparation problem set for top-tech companies like Google, Amazon, Flipkart, Microsoft etc… Once I am done with the interview set which should take me around 3 months roughly. I will be covering up Competitive Programming after that.

I will be posting a video on a daily basis, and hoping to cover up all the interview problem sets before the next placement session kicks off. I have posted 5 videos on Dynamic Programming as of now, where I discuss about the intuition and then the memoization technique. Also you can comment if you want a video on any given topic, I will take a note and be back with a video asap. I am also open to any feedback you want to give in case of video improvements or any, please feel to ping me anytime.

Please subscribe and press the :bellhop_bell: button too. Also please share it among your college mates and other people so that everyone gets to know about the resource.

The channel link is:


It’s a very nice and helpful initiative for Pre-final year students. Watched all 5 videos, makes my concept more clearer about Memoization and Dynamic programming. Thank you


Thank you.

Video Request: Expectation Value problems (if possible).


Once the DP playlist is done, will add them too.

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Please try to upload non classical problems.

The purpose of the channel is different, first priority is to cover DSA interview based problems, all of them at a place(i have not seen a channel yet which have all of them at a place), then we can move onto non classical problems, thanks.

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I really liked the videos as it contains the detailed explanation along with proper visualization of the recursion tree.I found it the best resource for learning Dp.

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Thanks @csk111165