ZCO 2014 Help

In this link, I do not understand what for the editor has chosen variables i,j,k,l. Can someone explain me please?

Honestly, reading other people’s code written for Competitive Coding is pretty much always a waste of time (even if the author is Editorialist!)

Case in point: aside from the unhelpful i, j, k and l variables which you’ve noticed, it also introduces a function, helpfully called modulus1, which is absolutely identical to the built-in abs function XD

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Oh okay. Never mind, I’m a beginner. Can you also explain the part from the 30th line of the code please?

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I’d rather not try to decipher it XD

Is my code helpful to you, at all?

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Yeah, thanks. I figured it out.
You seem like a pro,so can you provide some tips to a beginner in Competitive Programmer like me?

I’m afraid the only advice I can give is this :confused:

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Yeah, anyways, thanks a lot ! :slight_smile: