Okay so for the past one day I’ve been trying to practice on the ZCO Practice online judge(filled with problems from previous ZCOs) but whenever I try to submit a .cpp file it gives me this error- “Cannot recognize submission’s language”. Why is it happening?

Btw I tried to submit the same file on other online judges just to check and it gets submitted without any hassles! Some of my friends are also facing the same issue. Please help…

Does your file’s extension ends with .cpp?

yes you need to use .cpp .pas depending on language .Learned that yesterday. I feel for you bro.

ah… same problem for me… here is what i did

goto http://code.hackerearth.com

paste ur program there… check if it runs properly…

there is a download button in the top right… next to clone… download… and submit… :smiley:

Yes it does! That’s why it got submitted on other judges. Weird!
I even tried submitting .cpp files of some codes which fetched me full scores in OPC Archive judge, but even they get the same error.

Still not working man. I’m submitting with .cpp extension since forever. Same error.

Mine is working perfectly. Since I cannot log in as you and submit code it’s tough to tell. By the way which IDE are you using?

Man can I send you my .cpp file for the problem VIDEOGAME so that you can confirm whether it works from your id or not?

Go for it!

What’s your mail ID? I’ll attach it and send there. Thanks btw!


I did not receive your code