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96, although I could not implement the N <= 2000 subtask for P2 in time. If I could, I would have 130. Well there are a thousand different excuses, but all in all I’m mostly satisfied with my score.

Got 118, 83 in problem 1 and 35 in problem 2, used binary search and hashed the answers in problem 1, still got TLE on the last test case worth 17 points. Brute forced problem 2 for integer values and got the first 4 test cases right, I think ternary search was the intended solution here. Can someone who got problem 1 correct please tell me their approach?

i scored 118, 83 in parchment and 35 in weightage. I am in class 9.

We got the same score, I met someone else from my center who also scored 118, with this exact point distribution. I think a lot of people will score 118 this year.

cuotff leaked

class 9 → 49
class 10 → 132
class 11 → 448
class 12 → 166

unofficial cutoffs
class 9 → 49
class 10 → 132
class 11 → 448
class 12 → 166

yes bro socho is my dad i saw on his pc when he wasnt looking

The cutoffs posted by satan_cat are incorrect. socho is actually my uncle and I looked on his computer, the cutoffs were as follows:

  • Class 7 and below: 199
  • Class 8: 1
  • Class 9: 199
  • Class 10: 199
  • Class 11: 199
  • Class 12: 199.

i am socho here. i made those documents on my pc to fool you and you both fell for it.
and of course don’t you think these cutoffs are too low. minimum cutoff will be 400. it can be achieved by solving the same subtasks multiple times.

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I wrote code to submit my solution multiple times in an infinite loop. Solved the first subtask of first question only. So 3(points)*1738(no of submissions) = 5214.

Do you guys think I’ll qualify?

ok guys we shd prolly stop shitposting now :disguised_face:

Solved problem 2 - Weightage using convex hull technique

Solution: 85765339 | CodeChef

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I didn’t get to try my hand at ZCO 2023, so I’m a little disappointed.



Anyone participated in INOI 2023?

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orz sir