Zco cutoff for 8th class

So. what can be the cutoff for ZCO 2020 for class 8th.

10 or 20 according to me

ZCO cutoff’s arent class specific as of what I know

I’d just like to point out and I am quoting last years paper:

Qualifying Cutoff: 25 marks and above (all students, no separate cutoffs for different categories)

So your question of for 8th grade is kind of redundant. Anyways, there already exists a post for the discussion of ZCO 2020, so I suggest you head there:


Hello, I have qualified forZCO 2020. I want to know how can I prepare for INOI 2020.
My full name is Neelabh Priyam Jha and my ZCO Roll Number is zco20359.
Link: https://www.iarcs.org.in/inoi/2020/zco2020/results_zco2020.php#Kota