ZCO Editorials

Are we going to get more ZCO editorials, if so when? I mean there aren’t any editorials for problems from 2018 and I am stuck on them.

Also, if anyone can help me solve Moving Intervals from ZCO 2018, I would greatly appreciate it.

I am also stuck at 25 at that problem. There is only a single site which I could find about giving hints for the problem.

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Sorry, currently can’t make the editorial. The solution which I thought of is giving me 60 points. It is exceeding the time limit in two cases, so will have to think to that and then write the editorial.

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Thats fine, thanks for your time and good luck.

Hmmm. I have the duty of writing ZCO/INOI editorials and they are currently being cooked in a pot (on a low flame, since the best dishes are cooked on a slow flame :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)
You can view my submissions tho, which are well commented. I will publish all ZCO editorials (hopefully) by the 29th of this month.


You may look at my code. Will upload the editorial very soon.


Thankyou going to study it. I just hope you publish them before ZCO. :sweat_smile:

Done it for 100. If you want, I can always make an unofficial one. @infinitepro has to take time to make some easy-understanding editorials, I can help him a bit by making an unofficial one.

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That would be good. And helpful I think.

I have done Moving Intervals too, if you want them, will make it for you.

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That would be insanely helpful, considering ZCO is only 5 days from now.

The editorial for String Importance is ready, you can view it.

Ohh that was fast… Thank you