ZCO Hardware and OS

Does anyone know which hardware and operation system will be provided for ZCO and INOI? I would prefer to use that specific operating system and possibly peripherals for obvious reasons.
Thanks in advance.

If Codechef is conducting the exam, they will most probably use the Ubuntu operating system (That’s how it was in 2019 when I wrote ZCO and INOI).

The hardware will depend on the exam centre so it may be difficult to find out. But it shouldn’t make much difference if you know the operating system.

Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS was provided this time, in INOI, and so was it, last year.
C++ 14 and 17 were available in INOI 2021. GNU GCC Compiler was provided.
The available editors were : Vim, Emacs, Notepadqq, CLion, Code::Blocks, Sublime Text and Gedit
However, it is better you focus on preparing, all these don’t matter much.

Tom Marvolo Riddle