Can anyone help me listing what all the topics of Data Structure & Algorithms i should have idea about for solving the Problems of ZCOPRAC, INOIPRAC and IARCSJUD Separately?

Some of the most important topics with which you should be familiar with for solving these problems are :

  • Searching

  • Sorting

  • Linear Data Structures (Arrays, Stacks, Queue, Priority Queues)

  • Dynamic Programming

  • Basic Graph Theory (Dfs, Bfs, Shortest Paths) - INOIPRAC and IARCSJUD

  • Some well known algorithms, like, prefix sums and sliding window algorithms.


By Searching and Sorting you probably mean(Binary Search, Quick & Merge Sort)?


By searching, I mean Linear and Binary Search.

By Sorting, I mean naive sorting (O(n^2)) ,merge sort(O(n log n)).

That would be enough according to me :slight_smile: .

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I looked at your profile and found that you have solved almost all of the problems from ZCOPRAC, INOIPRAC & IARCSJUD.Can you help me listing few of the resources from where you learned all these topics which you mentioned(Extra help are welcome)?

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Check this out : https://www.iarcs.org.in/inoi/online-study-material/index.php

You can learn most of the topics from here :
Some of the topics also have video explanations which are great.
Apart from these there are many resources on the internet related to these topics, you can pick any website you like and learn about that algo from there.
After you learn anything, be sure to practice as many problems as you can.
For Dp, you should do all the classical dp problems first (like LIS, LCS, Edit Distance) and then move on to additional problems.
Cses problemset has some great problems related to searching, sorting, dp and graphs.
I would suggest you also do that after learning these.