ZCO2020 cutoff and score

Hey everyone. This time, ZCO was little hard, isn’t it. Please share your score here everyone. Also, if anyone solved 2nd question fully, share your solution here.

My pretest score-110

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How to solve first question?

Could someone share the abstract problem statements?

For the 1st question, you get the range [0,1] for p=1, [0,2,1,3] for p=2. The second array is double the size of first and the first half is just the double of the elements of the first array. For the second part you could just add 1 to the elements in the first part. This way you could use a DP approach.

I got 20, what about you guys?

Can you send me your code on whatsapp?

Me too, I also got 20

Last year’s cutoff was 25 so could it be that this year’s cutoff will be 20?

Who’s excited to know the solutions for the problems?
The official editorials shall be out “soon”. :smile:

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When will be the editorials out?

What’s your score?

Didnt answer. Qualified in zio

Same here. But, you should have given ZCO, isn’t it.

My score is 0.I was unable to solve a problem

Centre is 500+km from home.

Ohk, I can understand

excited to know the results.(pretest score-200)

Wow, just a question, do you code everyday?

Excellent score.