Zeotap internship challenge

Anyone here wrote zeotap’s ZMBH software intern exam on hackerrank ?


Me .Did you get the result?

Would you please share a link to the contest?

nope . what about you ?

Same here

how did your exam go ?

Good…I wasn’t able to solve one query.

Ya!! I gave it but nothing got any response from their side.

What about programming?

How did yours go?

I solved both the questions

I gave the test on Monday and have 15 MCQ and 2 SQL Query and 3 Coding questions in 3 Hour but I solved all the MCQ and 1 Query and 2 Programming questions but did not get any response from their side. waiting for their reply if anyone gets then inform about next rounds, please.

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2/3 programming questions?

Sorry…3/3…I forgot that there were 3 programming questions

I solved all the 3/3 programing questions as well as all 2/2 sql queries. But no response yet. I will inform in this thread if i will get any response.

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okay alright! the exam was easy - medium

Same , not got any reply till now , solved everything

Got any reply now?

No company reverts back so soon, relax

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