Zeta intern assessment 1

Does anyone got any response for zeta internship assessment 1?


Are you talking about the 6 Month Internship?
When did they have the first assessment?

Yes, I am talking about 6 months internship and I had my assessment on 29th November.

How many you solved, I did 2.

All three

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then you will get interview call soon. Best of Luck !!


hope so

Have you got any response from them yet?
I also solved 3 but nothing so far.

no, not till now

One of my friend gave interview today

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Even I had solved 3 and got no response till now.

@optimizer_1399 are u sure it’s for the same job description?


Have a recieved any mail yet?

not yet

OH how many did he solved ?

Anyone received any update after the Online test?

@vk98 and @rlk99 , you all applied through referals or direct application on career portal…

Through referral