ZIO 2022 Discussion

Are you sure provided answers are correct??

Any idea about cutoff for class 9?


Please do pool your scores in the below link here to get an exact idea of how everyone performed.

Google forms : https://forms.gle/AXSMX3rZqM5SUczq5

Spreadsheet : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Xo3HuI3yb6bVeLyyXtLP-Boq2Kp90YszECgNluIlQkE/edit?usp=sharing

Regarding question 1b and 1c , the condition is that tı cannot be equal to tı+1 , though they mentioned we want maximum pairs, but they did not mention that there can be exceptions to above condition.

what are my chances if I’m scoring 45 as a class 12th student

I heard from somewhere (don’t ask me where :joy:) that the cutoff for class 12 might be 40 (I’m myself getting 50, so I would be quite happy with that). But to stay on the safer side, better enroll for ZCO.

Do you have any idea for cutoff for class 9?

Quoting from the same source:

Class 12: 40
Class 11: 35
Class 10: 30
Class 9: 25
Class 8 or below: 20

Just a prediction and I don’t endorse it. ¯\____(ツ)_____/¯

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what’s the source?

When will the official answers be released.

IDK but for ,first my ans are
(we have to make max pair of the opposite genders and max no. of pair would be min(no.of boys,no. of girls)

  1. 4
  2. 4

Does anyone have the test cases of problem 3?

i think in 2-4 days

Will be higher!
See everyone is scoring near or above 40 in the form (i am getting 45).
The average score from the form is 50 points so anyone above can make it [ 100% sure ].
My predictions (Official)–>
Class 12th – 50 marks
Class 11th – 45 marks
Class 10th – 40 marks
Class 9th – 35 marks
Class 8th – 30 marks
Class 7th or below – 30 marks

(Edited) Now, The logic is available in the comment.

Hello all. I want to know that the ZCO exam will occur offline or online?
Means we can appear for this exam from home or we need to go to the centre.
And for Kolkata what is the actual venue. It is not given clearly.
I haven’t registered for it yet. Please tell it quickly

From the form how do you know that the students scoring above 40 are of which class.
Class is not mentioned in the form…

No, it does not take place online. You will have to write it in a center near you. And as for the exact address in your city, that is usually announced a few days before the exam.

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I agree with it partially except for:

  1. There is no Class 7th or below category.
  2. Class 12th cutoff will definitely be greater than Class 11th cutoff.