ZIO 2024 discussion

How was your ZIO 2024, what are your answers and the general stuff:

My answers:

Does anyone know when the results usually come out?

Usually results will come in 1-2 weeks

Mine 1st answer is same as yours but others are different that’s why I am nervous to say

Wait so like are all your answers different or some parts… you can write them here so we can compare

I got this

btw p2, a should be 2. I wrote 3 by mistake.
But the ideas are basically
q1: everything is counted 2^(n-1) times
q2: if final numbers are a+1,a+2 ….
Then number of steps is sigma |a+i-ith number| and it is easy to minimise this
q3: basically draw the tree and give each edge frequency f=no of vertices one side * number of vertices on other side
So we wanna maximise sigma f * weight which is just rearrangement inequality, sort both the same way then take components wise product
q4: this is just basic combo, so case work on number of bad sets by size

2c is 29 right? Or am I tripping lmao. Starts from 10 and goes to 29

Wait wasn’t the question how many steps you would require? So yeah it is 10-29 but steps required are more?

Mine Except 1st and 2a and 2b all are different
According to me 2c should be 65

In question 1 we only have add minimum and maximum integer in s list

yeah I got 29 steps somehow, the original list was from 9 to 35 right

Is this true?

Source : https://school.careers360.com/exams/zio

Hmm looking sweet almost all of my answers match yours only difference is
P2 i) it is 2 i noticed is a mismark
P3 iii) i got 5054, you can solve this by creating incidence matrices. similar to your idea but potential calculation error? i verified this one with 2 other friends of mine
P4 iii) i got 1020638

ps. got another 2 friends of mine who got 1020637 for p4 iii) could someone verify that up?

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Source sir ? If it is true tho, I will be very very happy :face_holding_back_tears:


In q4 is anybody answered

  1. 9
  2. 48
  3. 1081
    Because according to question it can be we have to arrange array in line like a1, a2, a3 not like a3, a1, a2

I think it is false :sob:

Wow I hope I didn’t accidentally mark 3 instead of 2 for that stupid question…
For the third graph question, I am pretty sure it should be 4866, I smuggled my rough paper out, so I have the entire question written, and I verified it again just now (look at the attached photos) So either I copied the question wrong which would be so sad or you and your friends might have made a similar error…
For problem 4 you are right, answer should be 1020638… I am so mad, I did so much work on that question and to make such a silly calculation error in the end… wow…
Btw, congrats… it seems that you have done really well, I came out of the exam hall thinking I’m getting 80 and now to see these three silly and stupid errors is really annoying, I just hope 50-60 qualifies for class 12…

My answers are quite unreliable as I am from class 8 and only expect to get 55/80 or 60/80 (4b)
My answers:
1)a)0 (Sure)
b)17 (Sure)
2)a)2 (Sure)
b)1382 (Sure)
c)No Idea (During exam)
b)240 I wrote in exam Now im calculating, getting 240 Can someone say how its 237?
c)No idea (During exam)