ZIO duplicate

Hey, how did ZIO go? Share your answers and expected cutoff according to you.

Here are my answers :

  1. 41
  2. 221
  3. 1105
  4. 4
  5. 9
  6. 19
  7. 45
  8. 28
  9. 77
  10. 11
  11. 23
  12. 105

I got 104 for 12th . I’ve seen another guy who got 105 . Don’t know what’s correct .

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I am getting 104 for Q12

Answer is 104. I did a careless in Q7 and entered 55. Any chance the cutoff will be 70 for class 12?

Yeah there are chances . Cutoff can’t be 80 (in my opinion)

Guys… is getting 55 for 11th good enough for clearing cutoff and making it to INOI

Correct answer for 12th: 104

why are you creating multiple threads when they already exist on the same topic

Hi! i am getting currently 50(if last answer is 104) and 60(if the last one is 105). I am in tenth grade. would i be able to clear?

Was there any algorithm for it or was it mostly brute force

everyone update the scores here

Was there an algorithm for 12th question or was is mostly brute force?

Brute force wasnt needed in that question

whats expected cutoff for class8

It was conditional
Let x=floor(sqrt(n))
If floor(n/x)==x,ans=2x-1
Else ans=2x.