ZIO problems

Thanks this is is a helpful information for me as I am participating for the first time and by the way in which class are you now? What happened after you were qualified through ZIO? Did they call you for the NIOI or the next round ? How did you perform there? Was it difficult? . Please share your experience @sudheerays123

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Yes we followed the same way in different approach :sweat_smile::grin::grin:

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And using the following problem you can check if you can come up with an own formula/apporach for a tiling problem:
ZIO 2009 - P.1

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Both are almost same right ?
Thanks a lot ! @denjell

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Almost but there is an interesting additional condition.


Great! for you @sudheerays123 . I am in 11th standard now and I recently joined NIOS which is National Institute of Open Schooling this year. Till 10th I was studying in an ICSE school, and thank god ICSE schools start teaching programming languages from 7th class itself, so now I have a good background of algorithms, data structures, time complexity, and many other things but I wish I had knowledge of IOI, ZIO, ZCO when I started programming for the first time. Now I have only 2 years trials left this year of 11th and the next year of 12th to try for IOI. I will try my best to get selected for IOI maybe not this year but next year for sure as I am already good with topics such as MST, BFS, DFS and other topics.

You are lucky that you started preparing early for these competitions. One day for sure you will be selected for IOI just keep going and try your best. We could help each other out in difficulties.

Wish you best of luck!:innocent::innocent:
Try best and qualify NIOI this time.:100:

By the way thank you @denjell you helped us a lot.
G Ajeet :smiley::smiley:


It seems that you are enjoying to solve these ZIO questions :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


They are funny somehow. And the dp approach for tiling did not come to my mind before reading the tutorial on the topic. Now I learned it and hopefully will remember the next time when i need it. So I also had a benefit :-). Good luck at ZIO.


Thanks a lot !
You reallllly helped me a lot !
Pls let us also discuss for other problems

Once again Thanks !


Guys I have found solution for this by codechef
Looks like they are going to do it for all the problems

here is the link for the solution :

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nHyd1tuJQlXriNaQyXSWrfrjYtxL7R0C/view :

And here is the link of the code which is given in the editorial

Sudheera Y S

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Where did you get this link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nHyd1tuJQlXriNaQyXSWrfrjYtxL7R0C/view

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They are going to upload editorials for every question :smiley:

This is official by codechef


I think our discussions drew their attention and now they think to help us.:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy:
Its now really good and hope they will be updated before the competition.

What is this code good for? @sudheerays123

Sorry didnt understand

I mean why did you attach this link?

Is it a helpful link?

Hey @sudheerays123,
Have you solved ZIO 2019, P3?
Here’s the link https://www.iarcs.org.in/inoi/2019/zio2019/zio2019-question-paper.pdf

I think it can solved by permutation and combinations but I am not able to do it.
Please help!

@denjell you could also try.

This link contain the code for the memtioned problem

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Ok I get it.

This is how I did it ( not telling the answer) :

First write the answer for N = 2 to 5 ( answers are small) and then find the pattern out of them and then continue it till N = 15 and you will get the answers

Hope this helps
Sudheera Y S

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Ok I’m gonna try!