A bug in Codechef New Year Gift!

It is really a very beautiful IDE to work on and really feels quite pleasant :slight_smile: . I thank Codechef for that. Its awesome!

But I see, it is not working when I type code there and run it. But if file is loaded in ide and run, then it works!

Kindly fix that!


I checked it with C++ language and “Hello World” program.

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Yeah, exactly. I was just about to post that. It shows “Code Submission failed” when we give custom input. I think it’s still not fully built.

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Also while typing the cursor is slightly to the left of the ideal current position, does anyone else face this issue too?


Cannot edit any code…!! while pressing backspace pointer moves left but deletes a character to right.!!


Okay btw it is our responsibility too to make the IDE better, i feel, so please write in details about problem/problems faced by you guys in a mail and send it to bugs@codechef.com.


I am not having such problem except weird cursor location.

I am using C language, see the image of it working.
alt text

It is a new feature and also a complex one.

An online ide with multiple (many) languages,custom input, text editor, interface and many more … is pretty complex and difficult to construct and maintain.

It is also in alpha/beta phase ( I think).

So at first it may lack the flexibility and efficiency but please bear with codechef, they will rectify/ modify it as soon as they can.

Note : One thing they should modify right way is remove the 30 second restriction between two submissions.

ya, the cursor blinks at 2 positions left whatever you type.
otherwise it is working good,
i have compiled a programe with gcc 4.8.1, it’s working.
great step by codechef team !!!

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And one more thing, is it possible if one use that ide somehow to see the submitted codes of other coders? I am craving for that feature from months.

great feature but i am still not able to figure out the binary number for the dialog box (shame on me)

it’s bit buggy bug :


Hello Everyone,

Let me answer your queries one by one.

The issue you faced while running your code was due to unavailability of gcc-4.3.2. When you uploaded the same code, the compiler changed to gcc-4.8.1 (due to auto detection of possible language/compiler ) and on submitting it got executed. We have removed gcc-4.3.2 from the list, as it is not available for now.

@ all who are facing cursor issues
The issue was due to unavailability of menlo font which we were using to initialize the editor font. We have changed it to monospace and you should not face any issue now. Please let us know if still anyone faces this issue.

@ all who believe 30 seconds restriction is too much
We have reduced it to 15 seconds. It’s an experimental value, we may further reduce it.

We hope that you guys are liking the feature. Keep us informed at feedback@codechef.com. You can directly reach me at abhijeet@codechef.com for suggestions/feedback/bugs/hugs.

Wish you guys A Very Happy New Year 11111011111.


Nice, I might start using it instead of Ideone when on old lab computers. I’ll stick to my laptop’s Sublime Text + Cygwin otherwise.

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Still facing the Cursor Problem.

I actually just wanted to know how does the editor know which problem we are writing the code for? i mean there is no details about the problem code or any such thing on the ide and we also open it anytime as independent of any links in the problem statement which might have made the correspondence between the code written on the ide and the problem we are writing the code for. If it is too advanced, then please explain in simple terms.

yes, otherwise its great

No, it doesn’t seem to be. Cursor blinks on the right side only as I can see.

Yeah, the cursor seems to be situated one place left than usual.

Lucky you :slight_smile:

Yeah, the cursor does seems to be situated one place left than usual.

Its just so strange, in mine it’s correctly on the right side and blinks :stuck_out_tongue: different results on different systems

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