A request to CC , and all participants

For CC : Please make sure that plag detector will be strong enough ( not dumb ) , so that people not cheat , and after MOSS results plz update in ranklist too (like feb ranklist).

For participants : Why u post solutions over telegram , whatsapp grp , on youtube , are u really thinking that u r helping community ?

For all those who cheat from these resources there is no sense to cheat in contest , ur rating is just increased nothing more than that CP is fun , this is journey , when u really at that level (after lot of failures , changes in rating , sleepless nights , many time crying and saying to yourself "Yrr aaj merse nhi hua , mujhse ab nhi hoga " [ i wanna leave cp] ) u will be really happy , so stop cheating and try fking hard to the problems .

As after so much time I think long is balanced (what’s your thought on this @hetp111 @nuttela @therealnishuz @galencolin )

@admin @vijju123


Delete this line
ASAP :slight_smile:

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I mailed them this is not the platform to say this thing :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I guess it’s balanced. The first 4 in div 2 are pretty simple. The difficulty increases from there.

To catch retards who upload solutions to youtube, codechef should implement something like Snapchat, where the other dude (in this case the admins) gets to know if you’ve taken a screenshot/record your screen. Then they can ban them even before they’re able to post the solution. I think this step is crucial to stop cheating by people who show blatant disregard to the people who actually take time to solve just to increase their rating. This will increase the credibility of long challenges and we won’t see irrelevant threads like “cheating in long challenge” and also won’t see a huge rank inflation on the last day like last long.
But there’s no point in asking people not to cheat. They will still do it. Also, I came across a few threads in codeforces where the users caught cheaters and tagged MikeMirzyanov. If codechef implements something like giving laddus to people who catch cheaters, even more cheaters can be banned! This is also important because MOSS can fail if the variable names aren’t changed (please correct me if I’m wrong). Manual checking is much more effective.


Not possible in long :slight_smile:

“Something is better than nothing”.

Its high time, to make Long unrated


Kyu bhai questions nhi ho rhe ?

bhai apn div one ke liye nahi bane hai :smile:

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Bro, instead of mocking me, its time to take some action. I am not among those who will look at the solutions and just copy. Even you too know why I am telling that its hight time to make it unrated✌


Oh means just some people (let say 2000) u want that those peoples (around 15k + ) will not get any rating ?


Bro, please use some of your sense and dont talk shit


What , I m telling shit lol , u r so dumb bro , go get a life , :slight_smile:

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maybe you are right if codechef rating has to be meaningful in near future, long challenge should be unrated.


I have already having good life. Thanks for your concern. Not only me, some others are agreeing too. You seem too desperate to get attention here on codechef lol. Posting irrelevant memes and shit. No wonder you are still pupil.


What the hell man , that’s the main problem we judge people by their rating . Don’t worry bro I m improving day by day ( I agree very small improvement ) , but i don’t need your certificate for what I am :slight_smile:

Oh a 5star supports u then it doesn’t mean whole community says , long will be unrated ,U r really dumb :slight_smile:


U have no sense of humour , bro and go on CF , many people post memes , but yeah they are orange , red so no body judge them right ?

Okay thanks bro, I am happy being dumb then, if this is the case.


Thanks for accepting my point :slight_smile:

Please read the word “irrelevant”. Someone asks a question that if this condition is changed, what will be the case, you post a shitty meme with no context. Atleast cf has some memes, which are related and those memes without context are heavily downvoted. Try one of your memes on cf community and will will see the result🙂