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I am creating this thread to continue a ongoing discussion which was closed by admin because many people including me weren’t civil in the discussion. I apologize to the community for not being civil and promise to be civil from now. If anyone wants to continue the discussion then you may and please be civil while putting forth your opinions.

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@admin it is a request to please not close this thread

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@wicked_knight you said that we are have to face this and it is a fair thing because of what are ancestors did. Will you say that because Whites in America treated Blacks unfairly in past, deserving whites should not be taken over non-deserving blacks?

Like the British ruined many countries as a colony so the British who stayed back, their children should be treated unfairly if they are actually talented?

The people of past are gone and people change with generation. The person in past and person in present are 2 different persons who can’t be blamed for each others bad deeds.

And you said stop whining and go work hard, you don’t know how hard these people here work. The talented people of previously oppressed classes don’t need reservations or special treatment for anything. They qualify for everything in general quota itself. There are many talented people in each so called castes and there are many talented people of both the genders. If there are no reservations then every person will get what he/she deserves and all talented people will get what they should and people who are good for nothing will get nothing irrespective of gender or caste. But nothing like this happens. The days of discrimination with anyone are long gone in every developed country in the world. Atleast professionally there is no discrimination in any developed country. If you can name any developed country with reservation or something, then tell me. India is not growing into a developed country because of things like this only.

And this is not only in jobs. It is in education also. For literally any competitive exam in India controlled by a government agency, there is a far lower cut-offs for so called lower castes which make more than 50% of population of India.

I am not interested in Google or any Indian job BTW. I am gonna go abroad for higher studies.

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no, that’s not what i meant at all, in fact i am totally in support of position by merit, but some of the comments were being extremely harsh, blunt and mean towards women, and i simply suggested the universal fact that not all women like some said may be “undeserving” and should not be taken for granted just because MNCs hire more women even if their scoring aptitude is lower in comparison. Sorry if i made you misunderstand

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nice to hear that you are in support of position by merit. Actually no one said that all women are underserving but they gave a generalization that what is happening today. There are some deserving people in all groups of people and everyone who deserves something can easily make it to top without special treatment also.