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That discussion was on fire!!
I guess that Code Chef can’t stand a discussion based on facts because they closed a post which was much needed and honestly it won’t change anything but it wasn’t doing any harm to anyone.

My answer is a bit long so please skip to end if you don’t have time to read complete but I say you read complete as this took a lot of time to write.

In India discrimination still exists and the discrimination is with a lot of people(us). All you need is be a boy of General category and you will be discriminated in such a way, no other place can offer that. They will say that you are from a superior group of people and at same time block more than 50-60% opportunities for you in form of reservation based on cast and then they will block more based on gender. If you are a average boy in General category without a established family business, you are ****ed in India. A lot of people who deserve more based on merit get tier-3 opportunities and end up basically ****ed up and people who don’t work even half as hard as you get more than you. See jobs in India or education in top institutes like IITs. Everything to cutoff for exams to rank needed for same course is different. The thing called brain-drain that is a hot topic these days, people say it is a wrong thing but it is the inner soul of the person saying that go and get what you deserve. This system doesn’t give a **** about you and your merit so **** the system and people in it. Go get better and show them your worth by success. People who don’t get their right due to sexism or reservation end up either in depression or abandoning the system the first chance they get by going abroad and settling with a better post, better paycheck and better quality of life. I say get best education possible and go abroad. People care for your talent and you in some countries. They acknowledge you and help you grow. The day you achieve something in a different country, people here will regret about what they do to you when you get a platform by your success and publicly criticize them.

Life doesn’t end in one place bro. Google or some other MNC is not the end. They may discriminate you based on category or gender but even in India there are start-ups who need pure talent and recognize you. Join a start-up. Maybe you will get a lower pay check but work-life balance and post that you will get will be worth it. And keep trying for opportunities abroad. They won’t discriminate if you have talent. Life has not ended and if you have will, no one can stop you from being successful. A lot of people are successful but you hear story of only some and think they are exceptions. A lot of people are successful my man. Some achieve more than others but that doesn’t matter if you are happy. But if you lose hope that you can’t do anything then you won’t achieve anything. Stop giving a **** about this system and follow your passion. The right opportunity will find you. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you if you read till here. My opinion in a nutshell:
If the system tries to drag you down then fight back. We people have to fight for every little thing we deserve and won’t get anything without a fight. But if you keep going on, you will find success and the feeling of satisfaction that you will get then will be the best feeling you can get in this world. At last I give you some examples:

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google(The company this post is about) is a Indian and is highly successful. People say he is a Indian who achieved greatness. But is he in India? no!! He did get his bachelor’s degree from IIT-Kgp but did he believe in Indian education enough to get it at Masters level? no!! He went to UPenn and Stanford in USA for MBA and MS respectively.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, also a highly successful man and Indian, is he in India? no!!! he didn’t even go to a IIT.

you know what is common between two most successful people on Earth who are Indian? They have American higher education, didn’t give a **** about Indian system which didn’t let them grow, went abroad to a place where their talent was recognized and grew. Don’t wait for opportunity to come to you in India. Just go wherever your talent is recognized and grow in your field. It is true everyone has a talent and you just need to find it. And for those of you who think going abroad to study is too expensive to afford, go to a top US college. If you have talent, they will take responsibility for your education and support you as much as you need based on your family condition like what condition your family is in and how much they can actually afford to pay unlike IITs where they don’t give a **** about your family condition and how much you can pay. Even if you have to take loan to complete study, they don’t care and are increasing fees by a big deal very fast.

the world is not small and opportunities never end. Go find them my man!!!

if you read my complete answer then I highly appreciate it.


Yeah I agree with some of your point , Indian education system just based on reservation only from top to bottom , koi nhi rukna chahta yha , last week I saw web series on shakuntla devi ji , she was just outstanding , why she was not performing in india bcz they found that this is not the right place and why bcz of this shit system , hope in future something will better , as GOI also announce new NEP , so let’s see what happens .


The country we lived in suffered a lot due to colonization and was totally ruined when we got freedom but we rose up and became one of the most powerful in world. And our current PM is doing a great job in developing the country. No doubt about it. But it will take some time to reach a stage where everything is just and that will be too late for this generation. No matter what they say, they are not bringing justice. Discrimination existed earlier, it exists now also. Only the group being discriminated change.

There is no use of protest as you will be publicly criticized and that is not good for you. Go find a better opportunity somewhere else. Maybe the upcoming generations will find the country in a better shape. But for now the country isn’t about merit but about bringing below average to above average as best people can find their way on their own. For the very few opportunities left for the best which are highly unproportionate, the merit needed is crazy which can’t be achieved under pressure. Some people who are into politics are doing their best to improve the country. You go and improve world no matter where you do it from.

Also you can do higher education in research stream and go into research instead of being a slave to an MNC. Research is a more fruitful career and you get recognition for your good work and get to see brightest of minds instead of robot-like humans in MNCs

ya I am hopeful of the NEP but sadly I am just passing class 10 this year so I won’t really benefit from it and suffered in a shit system. People around me say I am intelligent and smart but they see it in the maths and science score but it is me who knows that I don’t give a damn about those scores and want to learn practical things and be innovative.

Hopefully next generation gets a better education system so that the rats who controls who gets job and who stop discriminating and start seeing the practical skills of the person instead of ****ing gender.

And BTW this is the second discussion where I got a response for my answer and it didn’t go un-replied. I guess only hot topics get you replies.

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Bless you all, hardworking boys and hardworking girls. You are working so hard and have learnt so much even before you enter the industry - there was a time when Engineers were considered unemployable; today you are the finest talent to exit Indian colleges; that this country(India) has ever seen. I come from an older generation; and I am very proud of the talent thats coming out today.

My own second cousin who is a 4th year CS grad, from a tier II college, she is very pissed off by the quality of people being selected. She is a 1600ish CF player; but her friends who have difficulty doing the following tasks:

  1. Solve a basic knapsack problem
  2. Writing a simple binary search
  3. Can’t write BFS to find distance between two vertices.
  4. Can’t detect cycle in an undirected graph.

Did some crap web development projects; they are getting placed into the same companies as her. And she feels that NO ONE is takes her seriously, because she is a girl! Her batchmates and male cohorts who were excellent coders are unable to crack interviews! This is just bad. She is now wondering why should she work hard and upgrade her skills; if any girl can succeed and she won’t be taken seriously anyway.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice anywhere. First things first, Why is it okay to have a “girls only hiring” exam? There must be equality of opportunity not equality of outcome. No one, in India at least, actively dissuades women from joining the tech industry.

The reason why these MNC techie companies like “Adobe” are hiring women only from Indian Campuses is that they are sexist to the core. My thinking - they want to fulfill their gender representation (mental) quotas from India - so that they can hire more White American Males in the US; since the compensation policies, sexual harassment at workplace law etc. are far stricter there. It has nothing to do with gender equality. This has everything to do with - if we have hire women, minorities etc. lets hire Indian women and fulfill double quota and be done with it. They want to fulfill quota only to look good.

In these harsh times, I am only very grateful that I have a great job. Good luck to all of you fighting it out there - both hardworking boys and hardworking girls. Wish we didn’t allow our dogmas to color our life.

Let us support the fine men and women of this country by giving them access to resources and guidance; lets not make things chaotic with our myopic and short termist attitudes.


I totally agree with you.

It is so unfortunate that those :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: rats sitting in MNCs get to discriminate and we can do nothing about it. :disappointed:


Google rejected (International Master coder + GSOCer) from IIIT Hyderabad who also reached till 3rd round of CodeJam

Bro, its not like, if you are International master/grandmaster, Google will directly give you offer letter. Interviews also depend on other factors, how you explain your code is one of the major factor. Like this guy must have written the correct code, but maybe could explain it properly. Moreover it also depends on you attitude, behaviour etc. Yes, Google did wrong, but it does not mean, you achieve a certain rating, you can directly get into Google

And they selected girls from his class who have no coding background/web-dev-projects/anything. Just see the irony.

Hell No. He only gave the online coding test of google(200/200) , he never got shortlisted for any google interview. How can he show his communication skills if not allowed for interview ?

And yea, girls in his own class with no background in coding/cp/projects were called for interviews after they scored (15…20…25/200) . Does not take a big brain to understand what just happened here.

i truly think that people today have started to focus all attention to coding and programming cuz if you knew even basic political science, you’d know that its called “giving a chance to the historically marginalized groups” Equality does not mean that everyone should be treated equally, it means that everyone should be treated in a manner that makes everyone equal, i.e, by giving an extra opportunity to those who earlier didn’t enjoy such benefits. If anything, I’d say its your ancestor’s fault.

If you really think you deserve to get into google, stop whining and just focus on improving yourself

what happened? The implementation of the official policy to take 33% female workforce?

IM(International Master on cf & codejam round-3 qualifier) and gsocer is better than 99.9% freshers in India, what fucking thing he needs to improve now ? Does he need to improve his gender now ?

firstly, there’s no one who can know everything, so there’s always room for improvement.
Secondly, it’s not like the girls being selected are just dumb and can’t code. Some might not be as good as whoever this friend of yours is, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t girls who get selected on merit
The only reason why companies hire more girls even if they are not as good in comparison is the fact that when they take girls from tier - II or tier - III colleges, they don’t need to pay them grandly, while at the same time fulfilling their official role to have at least 33% female workforce

Lets say I agree with you whole-heartedly.

Google only selected girls in last month’s offcampus drive for interns . Don’t you think they should have atleast mentioned that its a girl’s only test ? Why waste so much time,energy,effort of guys who prepare so hard in return to get rejected only because he was a guy.

Also, I don’t know how can you justify selecting 15/200 person over 200/200 person no matter what the gender is !

I agree with diversity hiring , but it should not come at such a great cost of talent being abused .

And why they do such tricks in India only ? Because they know they can get away with it easily in India ?

I won’t discuss anymore on this issue . Cf blog is enough.
(They just fill up more and more undeserved females at entry level jobs just to satisfy your 33.3% criteria, very few senior level jobs are assigned to females cuz their they cant afford such a loss of hiring undeserved girls. Girls are bringing shame to themselves by not being able, being given a silver spoon in mouth)

Also, in engineering colleges across India, there are not even 10% of females in each college, then how a company can expect 33.3% in jobs ? What kind of discrimination is this ?

If you want to fix something, fix it as the root level, by encouraging more females to take up engineering , giving them better education but not by taking places of 100s/1000s of guys who worked damn hard for 3-4 years.

Maybe you never worked hard in your life, so you don’t value it.

Peace out!

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DO you even know what you are saying? Boys should reap the sins of their forefathers and Girls should enjoy the struggle of their ancestors. Who the hell are you to say that? That’s completely wrong. You mean the blacks should be considered over deserving whites since blacks were oppressed in the past. It doesn’t happen. See the point is these practices would further increase the hatred between different groups/genders. I am not against or in favour of diversity hiring but the point that you said that I should bear the sins of my ancestors is completely wrong and unethical.


Exactly , after this case there is only one thing happen , which is hate between two genders , and also I think the mistake is mostly of us only , as u previously said ( the promise comment ) this the only option , if a challenge is common for all and the selection criteria is only coding challenge then this is so wrong that the u select one gender and don’t select other gender not bcz he is not able to do question but bcz the person is male totally wrong.

And, that’s a wrap. There already exists another place where the community is discussing this. If you want to discuss it here as well, be civil and objective, but that’s an impossible ask. So closing the thread.