About the CodeChef-DSA-learners category

This category is for the folks learning DSA together along with the community doing the DSA Learning Series

How is this different?

  • In this category, we encourage people to ask questions around the ongoing series, and also to organise online learning jams to collaborate and learning together.
  • The idea of this category is also to break the ice and hesitation of newcomers.

How can you participate in this category?


Is this suitable for someone who just knows C++ and wants to get started with CP ?

Yes. It is suitable for them. In fact it is perfect for someone like you who knows a programming language and wants to get started with CP.


This contest isn’t rated , right ?

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It isn’t. It is only for learning purposes.


so one contest per week, am i right?

How long will each contest run @adhyyan1252 ?

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can we discuss the solution ??

Yes. One new contest will be released every week.

Yes you can discuss the solution as these contests in this series are only meant for practice and learning purposes.

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It will keep running and will be available for practice just like ZCOPRAC, INOIPRAC, etc contests.

no have knowledge of STLs and basic algos then start solving in practice set ,previous contests , once you are able to solve 1/2 questions of short contests and atleast 2 of long contests comfortably then start participating in contest.
so first build strong base don’t rush for contests as they might demotivate sometimes. :slight_smile:

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what should be the approach for the smart phone problem to avoid tle?

input array= price list
sort the input array
for each arr[i]
if you fix it as your price then that person and all those whose are right [i+1,i+1…] of it can buy at this price
try to maximize this sum for each price in the input array


I have a question from GFG, can i discuss the alternate solution here?

please anyone tell…

Why am I unable to join the series?

In the street food problem
for the case
4 6 8
2 6 6
1 4 3
chef should choose street food of type 1 na .
Then his profit can be 16 na why 12??


If Chef chooses street food of type 1, his profit will be floor(P/(S+1))*V = floor(6/5)*8 = 1.
1<12; therefore, Chef chooses street food of type 2.

Hope this helps.