After Solving Problems Upto Dual Distance I feel Bad

I felt very bad as nobody did anything to catch cheaters. SO I Decided I will solve problems and make them availble. My Code are very hard to change not to say i have everyones upi and phone number who reached out to me

I just solved minimum dual distance. It took me 1 day whole to understand and code the solution.
But I feel bad. I just realized the love i had for cp when i started 4 years back in college. It didn’t matter if my rank was 4000+ . 4000 in world is still something

I was not aware of things called DSA and Algo. I simply assumed everyone was super smart to somehow solve within time limit or knew some language secrets to make it fast. The first algo i learned was Kadane’s Algorithm. In One Contest a question was asked (just needed to use kadane algorithm) But I didn’t knew that I tried so many tricks and got so many Ac’s but few WA’s too. So no full score. I discussed with my friend and he said just use kadane from geeks for geeks

I was like what is that. I learned so much. finding sum of any subarray using prefix sums. Wow So Cool. I Learnt all the concepts from cp-algo’s Solved all 5 problems on google foobar and now this. How did i fell so low? :frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face:

I feel so sad to take from the community. I realize what a stupid thing it is do to distribute codes. Actions like this will take away the fun such a technical Mathematical Adventure can offer.

I wanted to catch cheaters and went to far. I am sorry. Math is Cool . Tech is cool. Logic is Cool. Hacking is cool.

And I won’t make it uncool by inviting worthless cheats.
Guilty as charged. My code match with several people .

But I have the First Submission Of That code.