Nobody cares

I solved problems and then leaked it. Told admin and attached a lot of participants.
But still don’t think anything is gonna happen

There are telegram channels with simple pdf solutions of all codes till Dual Distance.
I had to strive so hard to solve them and catch cheaters when they submit codes. But some chimpanzee posted this on other online sources.

be Careful Guys. Don’t try to flex on linkedin with cheated solutions. I will fucking kill you if i could find you. There will be public shaming and i will personally mail companies asking not to hire you with substantial proof.

Also I request community to send dm’s to with my submissions and other submissions citing the other one as plag. I have already notified admin but if many people do it, it will make admin to take strict action.

Most of these submissions have same code structure like mine and i don’t think most of these clowns have any clue how to even approach dual dist.

I have other article here After Solving Problems Upto Dual Distance I feel Bad

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