Algebra in Competitive Programming

Hello Codechef community,
We have initiated a series of videos to help every competitive programmer gain and grow faster.
The first topic which every programmer should know is Algebra required for Competitive Programming and the first fundamental topic in Algebra for Competitive programming is Binary Exponentiation and its applications.

Update3:- 4th topic in Algebra required for CP is Number Theoretic Function which includes Euler totient function and how to find the number of divisors.

  1. Binary Exponentiation
  2. Euclidean Algorithm
  3. Classical Sieve of Eratosthenes
  4. Number Theoretic Functions
    Do check the description of the video for Practice Problems and details.

Do check this out and if you have any doubts do comment in this blog post.
The next topics for Algebra for Competitive Programming will be updated soon.

Thank You!!

Note:- We are working on the entire Graph Algorithms and Geometric Algorithms playlist and It will be uploaded soon.


Do have a look at it.
It’s a nice initiative by us.


2nd topic is UPDATED which is Euclidean Algorithm to find GCD.

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3rd topic is UPDATED which is Sieve of Eratosthenes to find Prime Numbers

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Video tutorial for classical sieve of eratosthenes algorithm is added alongwith practice problems.
Do check it out.


Bro I really appreciate ur efforts but nowadays these topics are heavily common on youtube and since ur 5 star I guess u must be good with topics like sweep line algorithms and some imp geometric algorithms , topics like dp on trees , SOS dp , things which are less in utube will be very helpful . Its just my personal suggestion. Besides keep up the good work and its my promise if u come up with the topics i mentioned ( the topics most beginners find it difficult) I will be the 1st one to subscribe :smiley:


Yes, You are correct.
We’re working on it . Thanks for your valuable suggestion.


I would love if you cover XOR basis in algebra, there is very limited resource for learning this concept


That’s a good idea, I will think of that.


We are working on geometric algorithms too. I hope It will be available in few days.


Bro it will be good if you cover those topic which are not available fully in google Or their proper explanation are not given on google .
Like XOR, bit manipulation, and other
These are topics in which most of us are confused

We have got so many suggestions for topics and We will be trying to cover as many topics as we can step by step. Hope you get your topics covered soon.


i recently saw on blog for it on cf :smiley:

Here is the link to the blog.
Xor basis


4th topic which is required for Algebra in Competitive programming is Number Theoretic Functions is UPDATED.

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Much Helpful!