Am I the only one who find June Cook off 2021 is really hard

I find this cook off really hard , unbalanced round CC , still I m amazed how approx 1700 people solve 2nd one , and no one knows after contest we get to know 1000 are same :rofl:


wait till contest is over, may be some people will start searching

How do you guys list or unlist topics @cubefreak777 @sebastian

he’s a moderator

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Lol , many solutions are same . . . . my worst Cook off ever :slightly_frowning_face:

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I don’t know about other Divs but Div 3 was surprisingly easy even for lower rated candidates.


Yes it took me more than 2 and half hour to AC Q2. Still amazed to see how about 1700 people solved it!!


lol not 500 bro almost 90% are exact same without even variable changes
codechef can atleast do MOSS for short contests . but all they want is more participants and more money


Solutions were leaked on Youtube till first 3 Div2 problems

not just first 3. first 5 are leaked

First 2 were fairly easy in div2. Tried 3rd one but wa due to some corner cases ig

You too? As I saw you too just listed/unlisted topics.

From his channel and various other sources. Clearly he is part of some telegram grp and makes it public on youtube.

First 5 of Div2 ? Are U sure ? Then how come Div1 has so less AC’s

He meant of div 3 I guess

Yeah they are tooo toooo easy bro

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Yes I’m a moderator too


div1 ? almost everyone solved Binary String on Steroids in div1 .
it was released a bit late so div2 has less submissions

Solved C for half an hour and then realised a[i] can be 0

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