Amazon hiring for 2021 batch

Amazon had recently posted off-campus job opportunity for 2021 batch SDE position( Job ID: 1541833). Did anyone receive a test link for it? It is now grayed out on the jobs site. What does that mean?


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It might be legit but beware of phising attacks.

It means that they stopped accepting applications.

I applied for it on 11th of May. Yesterday, i received an email from Amazon Campus India wherein I had to fill in some details . And yeah grayed out means that they are no longer accepting applications .

Okay thank you! Please comment here if you receive a test link!

is application form still open ?

@istillovebravp me too, did you receive test link yet?

Wil anyone received mail regarding information required before your Amazon interview

No bro. Has anyone received it ?

@istillovebravp no i havent received it, i got the mail on may 26

Same here. Got the survey link. Please tell if anyone gets the test link.

Yes, I did get a mail from the recruiter, and a separate link for the assessment.
Now, You said phishing attack, I am afraid if it’s a scam :slight_smile:
How to check if a mail is valid?
I got a mail from, and

Also, I applied like 2-3 months back!

Can you please share the job id for which you have applied?


No, Actually @reena_code_123 told that she had applied 2 or 3 months back, and the job id that you have mentioned was opened around 1 months ago. so I think she may have applied for the different job id.

Can you tell me what happened, after you got the link?

Hey. I gave the test 14 days ago. But still no reply. But on the website it shows under consideration. What should I do?

@sharatmehrotra Same here, I gave my test 10 days ago, no reply. If you get an update please post here. I will do the same.