AMAZON off campus sde intern online test

Anyone received the test link for amazon internship test today?


Few of my friends have received it.

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Okay. Thank you

I have received it.
Have you received from panpowered and test is on tara vitapowered?

when you applied for it and for which location

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Are you guys the referral ones or normal? Up until last year there was no concept of referral for 6 Month Internship, why this time.

I applied with a referral

Yeah. The same link. It redirected to amcat

I applied through referral

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When can we expect the results?

I wrote the exam today. I didn’t apply through referral actually, just applied normally on portal.

How was it guys? Overall cutoff is there or sectional cutoff? any guesses?

can freshers apply in internships through referrals?

Can anyone tell me what’s the deadline for this assessment?
They didn’t mentioned anything about deadline

Can someone tell me that for which job you got the response?
means job id

The position with this job ID is disappeared.
when did you apply?

20 October. The applications close once they start with the Assessment process.

Can you please suggest some another Job ID for sde intern to which I can apply? If you know

When we can expect the result?