Ambiguity in judging

I would like to know how Codechef’s judge exactly works. I’m providing you with two submissions (one during the contest and one after that).

Solution 1-
This guy didn’t even find the need to use ‘k’ and got a perfect AC during the contest. For the record, this guy received a +199 rating :slight_smile:

Solution 2-
This guy’s a friend of mine who came across the previous solution and notified me. To further investigate, he just submitted the exact same solution and voila!. WA.

So I want to know how does judging take place. Is it like “During the contest, we judge with weak testcases to pass the dumbest possible solutions and later after the contest we add 1-2 good testcases. Finally, we expect no one to complain about this.”?

I would be grateful (No. The entire community would be grateful) if there’s more transparency in the way things are happening. The first step to achieve this would be by making testcases visible.

If things continue to be the way they are right now, Codechef would never be considered among the best.


Ask that guy again… He might give a new godlike solution which passes… Maybe using k this time :stuck_out_tongue::joy:
His name is Jay shree ram… maybe God himself was helping him yesterday :slight_smile:

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I like taking ss out of context.

Well. Thats true.

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Maybe he’s God himself :wink:

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With you man, I don’t know why Codechef doesn’t do it

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I was the tester. In the aim of not allowing slow naive brute force solutions to pass, we concentrated more on that. At the end, we sadly missed to cover this. I am sorry for this.

Later we added few antitests so that its good for practice.


Being one of the best competitive programmers in our country, we highly respect you @teja349. All we expect is a fair competition. Codechef’s reputation has been on a low for some time now (especially after the ICPC qualifiers last year). And if it continues to let such small errors occur again and again, I seriously doubt if that’s gonna help regaining its reputation.


(apne yahaa ke logon ke kaam aise hi hai). You expected any better?
Then, the place to expect it , is Codeforces!!


Seriously why codechef do not make test cases visible after contest
Remember @abdullah768 post

and read my query here

is there any genuine reason for not revealing the test cases?
apart frm the excuse that people will test cases and wont try blah blah
if they want to do it they jst could hav submitted someone’s accepted code anyways

Why not create some virtual coin system where one can earn coin by scoring in competitions and has to pay for viewing test cases


Okk how many of you liked this virtual coin system
i guess its there on hackerrank already

I’m kind of neutral about virtual coins. For me, what matters is if testcases are made visible after a contest. Visibility of testcases is necessary IMO and I don’t think it’s necessary to explain why.

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