Despicable actions by UEM in UEMCO19 against winners

Hello Community!

This post is made on behalf of @Ashishgup, @vivek_1998299, @SwetankModi and myself (@Abdullah768).
This post is about the contest UEMCO19 by University of Engineering & Management, New Town, Kolkata. The contest apparently had cash prize of 50K in total. (20K,12K,10K for top 3 and 1K for rank 4 to 10).

First of all, the problems were pathetic (half of them were directly copied). One of the problem statements was really ambigious. With external contests, these things are common but the really suprising part was that AFTER the contest had ended, they ADDED new test cases for the ambigious problem which resulted in our AC being turned into WA. You might wonder, what would be the reason to do such a thing?

At the end of the contest, the top 5 were:

  1. !(rating_diggers) - Me and @Vivek_1998299
  2. Bohat_hard - @Ashishgup and @Swetankmodi
  3. Apna Code Run Karega? - @indrajit111
  4. alright786 - @blake_786
  5. New Beginning - @anon44398224

Notice something about rank 3 and 5? They are both single memebered teams with rating of 2* (I don’t mean to disrespect beginners or anything but a single 2* membered team beating 2 x 6* membered teams? Rating system be like “Am I a joke to you?”). The guy @anon44398224 literally has submissions only on the contest date (Fake account much?). This was already suspicious enough but here’s what happenned next: The organisors added test cases where only our code would fail (#1 and #2), so that these accounts could win (The problem was so ambigious that you could choose any submission and easily generate test case to fail them). Since we opposed them, they created more test cases and failed some other teams code as well. Now, since their teams are at the top, they have finalised the ranklist. So, they won’t have to give out the prize money of 50K which was promised by them or keep it to themselves I don’t know.

Since they have rejudged submissions of that problem multiple times, we gave them a test case in which most of the codes would fail (including their fake accounts). Obviously, they did not agree and are telling us that this is against the rules and their decision is final. We have all the relevant screenshots related to the above incident. The faculty involved in the contest (Sumit Anand) was least helpful, this is what he literally said “The students have made a mistake (about rejudging solutions) but now I will have to support them”. He even accused us of cheating (Since we copied the code of a problem from GeeksForGeeks with proper attribution, which is perfectly fine under Codechef’s rules that you are allowed to use anything that’s available on the internet before the start of the contest).

CodeChef is also unable to help us, it seems that UEM has more control over CodeChef, as I can see another contest lined up in the future contest list by the same college UEM and their partner college IEM.

This is not their first time, They have screwed up a few more contests in the past.

Codechef was the very first website that I started programming in and I really appreciate the effort Codechef puts in but contests like these just deteriotates the quality of the platform, and that CodeChef should take action in such cases. I agree that monitoring all the contests is not possible for them, but cases like this, where there is a relatively large amount of cash prizes on the line, they should be more controlling with what goes on, because in the end it gives out the vibes that “Contests hosted on Codechef are untrustworthy”.


Can’t agree anymore. Most of the external-contests are full of shit.


And most of those contests are won by 2/3-star(s) guy(s) of the same college. Something is really fishy. Maybe the setters are involved in cheating as well.
For example, @indrajit111 couldn’t solve more than 2 questions in div-2-feb-long(easiest long challenge by Codechef) but is easily at the top of his college’s contest. Lol:p


I don’t get it why colleges do this. Why degrade their names like this? Why?
They not only affect their college name, but also possibly future students of the college, if the college gets banned from creating contests or any such thing.


Thanks for sharing this info i would create a forum if i decide to go for outside competition , such competition really demotivates ardent programmers those people should be ashamed if what u said is true :rage:


I think Codechef should not allow them to conduct contests anymore and also should talk to other online judges. If you are not interested in giving away prizes fairly why do you claim that you will give prizes. Just don’t. People would participate in either way. But again their questions were shit.!


I just saw another contest by the same college on 14th, why can Codechef not ban them? I would love to say UEM people that if you cannot, do not make false claims just to get more and more people into it(specially top-rated coders). @admin please look into this matter, there should be some action taken against these people, else people will follow the same trend in the upcoming days, and this would rather harm the image of the site itself.


I really wonder if codechef is taking this issue seriously??!!! @admin @vijju123 I request you all to take some strict actions regarding this.


Thanks for reporting this. We are working on it. It might take a week more to finalize things, and we will update here.


To @Abdullah768 and anyone concerned,

Since I’m a student of Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata (IEM), and part of the IEM-UEM family, which isn’t something I have control over, it hurts me whenever I get to know about wrongdoings of contests held by us. I’ve left competitive programming for some time now but I felt I should atleast respond in regard of the issues concerning UEMCO19. I want to start by saying that I deeply regret whatever wrong decisions were taken in the above stated contest.

In my experience, I’ve come across UEM code storm where the questions were so badly written (maybe on purpose since they wouldn’t make any sense either if sentenced correctly) our team quit and then if that wasn’t enough, we came to know that the test cases were the samples themselves from the post

Now to actual information : IEM has little to no control over contests held by UEM and vice versa. I didn’t say ‘no control’ because I may not be aware of it but as far as I know, the faculties and students of the given institute is responsible if anyone for the contest and the other institute doesn’t set nor take any decision regarding problems or anything else. As far as contests of IEM are concerned, I’ve always been on the participating end (yet) and would like to appreciate the honestly of the team responsible for all of the IEM contests. The only issue I found was some wrong edge cases or out-of-constraints test cases which were resolved after the contest very openly. In the last IEMCO, our team finished # 1 in the contest but the IEM team responsible openly rejudged due to wrong constraint in test cases and we got down to # 2 which shows the unbiased and honesty of the IEMCO team.

Bottom-line : I would like to say that I strongly agree that the contests held by UEM has been very fishy and way below the minimal standards of any contest but it is not right that IEM has to be held responsible for it. The purpose of this post is to tell people from elsewhere that IEM is not responsible for any issues regarding contests hosted by UEM. I am not blaming anyone who considers them both responsible, I would probably do the same if I not in the institute myself. In the end, the purpose of this post is to share my honest opinion about my institute and educate people who think IEM is responsible for contests hosted by UEM or vice versa. I had been a part of the CP community for a long time and feel it has the highest ratio of truly honest and passionate people than any other community and it should stay like this forever. I appreciate anyone who openly posts about misjudgements and despicable actions by any hosts even if it is my institute or is under the same umbrella my institute represents.

Thank you,


its more than a month now. Any updates on it?


as always …no action is taken :frowning:


admin said they will give update here after a week
now its more than a month
looks like they forgot abt this incident
whether they take action or not its on them but community shld be informed abt the decision otherwise whats the point of having a discuss forum