Answer Accepted, but gives wrong answer for example testcase

My code for DRCHEF in this month’s long challenge gives me a wrong answer for one example test case. But when I submit it, it gave me AC. Please look into this and change the test cases @mods and also remove my AC for now since I have not got the correct solution.


Also I suspect some others might have got AC using a similar solution.

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@admin @alei

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Damn. That’s wild.


Wow… you even submitted that solution…lol.


I wanted to see if it would pass the first task.

The sample cases do not have any test case for the first subtask. Did you get a partial ac or a complete ac?

First subtask and the main solution are different if you are targeting only first subtask than the fully correct solution then the sample case will give you wrong in this case :3

And it passed even 2nd??

yes, kindly change the TC of the question. I too submitted a clearly wrong answer that did not even pass 1st subtask but passed last 3 cases of 2nd subtask…

Yes. I got AC.

Maybe tc are weak then.

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damn daniel

which test case are you talking about cause i could form a logic for the three corresponding outputs when i first saw the question on Friday

Hi @anon85435510
Let me know if you are getting 5 instead of 6 ?


or is it 11 instead of 9 ?


We are looking into the issue, more test cases will be added. In worst case they will be added when the problem is moved to the practice section.


Bad thing is right answers are not getting accepted. IT took me 3 days to figure out the wrong approach

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I think that the test cases for the 100 points are correct, but they are wrong for the 1st subtask. I wrote two solutions- 1st for 20 points, and after 2 days for 100 points. I know a testcase for which the first solution gives more number of operations required than the 2nd solution gives for the same testcase. This clearly indicates that the testcases of the first subtask are wrong.